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myBookmarks is an attempt to learn and build a simple web2.0 application using ASP.NET MVC,Linq to SQL and JQuery.I have tried to keep the code simple and also tried to follow the mvc best practices. Live demo is hosted at The project is also a learning resource for how you do some basic things using jquery and mvc. This release is the version one of the two versions I intend to publish.This is my first open project using mvc and I hope it is fun ,interesting and helpful.


myBookmarks is a free open source lightweight mvc application that helps you to keep your browser bookmarks and favourites online so you can accesss them from anywhere.The features are built based upon the features found in the google bookmarks.myBookmarks has additional features such as emailing bookmarks and more features to follow in the second version.

  • Search and sort all your bookmarks, right at your fingertips.
  • You can choose a different theme than the default one for the whole site.
  • Save web sites directly from your browser by adding the bookmarklet.
  • Add labels and notes to your bookmark.
  • You can share the bookmarks by emailing the bookmarks direct from the mybookmarks site.
  • Manage user profile.
  • You can export all the bookmarks stored in the mybookmarks to the standard bookmark format.
  • And More...




Bookmarklet : Different Theme

UserProfile:Different Theme


mybookmarks was built from the start to keep it simple and clean.
  • POCO as Model
  • Linq To SQl as DataModel
  • Repository Pattern as Data Access and Maps L2S Objects to POCO
  • StructureMap for dependency Injection
  • Data is passed between views and controllers using viewmodels
  • Jquery on the client
  • Elmah to log errors

The source code is availaible in both VB.NET and C#.

RoadMap(Version 2)
  1. OpenId authentication.
  2. Save bookmarks through email.
  3. Import bookmarks.
  4. Code cleanup.

Any ideas or feedback please?

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